Is Your Engine's Electrical Harness Reliable?

Reliability of an engine electrical harness is a measure which enables one to determine whether the wiring has enough strength and durability for operations without failure. A well maintained engine electrical harness can last, on average 10 years or at least 150k miles but other issues such as materials used and exposure to environmental elements weigh in. For example - harnesses exposed to higher temps and vibration are likely will degrade more quickly, sometimes decreasing up to 30% of their lifetime efficiency.

Wire fatigue is an important aspect for reliability in harnesses This is the breaking of wires caused by repetitive flexure and exposure to heat. Engine-wise, this can be a regular reason for these kinds of problems with intermittently not functioning or issues where the electric system stops working all together. In order to avoid this manufacturers frequently use materials of a high-quality and heat-resistant material that can survive up-to 200°C improving the reliability as well for harness.

One key moment that occurred where harness reliability was called into question came in 2015 when a major automotive manufacturer had to recall over half a million vehicles as the result of harness degradation. The fall-out from this incident harmed not only the company's reputation but also serves as a reminder of how regular maintenance is essential and that quality components must be used.

As Henry Ford said, "Quality means doing it right when no one is looking" For anyone involved in the manufacturing and maintenance of engine electrical harness, this sentiment rings true - cutting corners can come back to bite you with major safety and functional implications.

If you are wondering if it is a must to spend big bucks just for the harness.. well, think about how much replacing your original one would costs. A malfunctioning harness can cause engine misfires, reduced fuel efficiency and expensive repairs that could add up to thousands of dollars in advanced motor systems. So having a dependable electrical harness for your engine not only protects the rest of the vehicle but also helps to preserve optimal performance as well longevity.

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